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Freelance senior designer with over 15 years of creative experience to my name. Committed to strong design with a love of layouts, paper and colour to produce designs that communicate information clearly and effectively.
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My work is a forum for experimentation with contemporary design and art. I’m committed to strong design and love to use both organic and digital styles. I bring positive and eclectic experiences to my work, cultivating a taste for small pleasures and transformation with my kooky approach.



I love layouts. I love grids. I love hierarchies. And I love to push the boundaries of what I can create on two blank pages, using design elements to their full advantages to produce layouts that communicate information clearly and effectively, as well as being easy on the eye.


I’m constantly being asked to create new logos for small businesses and larger organisations. I love the entire process – from the creation of the logo to working on the bigger picture and selecting the colours, the typefaces to use, designing the stationery, and other collateral. And then the big finale of compiling it together in a brand style guide.


A bit more about me

I started to freelance as a design student with my own company, Elastic Design, and have been cranking the design cog for various clients and companies ever since.

But wait. Go back. Born and raised in New Zealand, after finishing high school I worked in a frightfully posh school in Surrey, England, where I developed a taste for travel, warm beer, and mushy peas, and promptly enrolled myself in a travel consultancy course when I returned to the land of the long white cloud.

Twelve months later, I realised I’d spent most of my time doodling in my textbooks and on my exam papers, so put my love and, might I say, extreme talent for doodling to good use, and studied design. I now have over a decade of design experience to my name.

View my curriculum vitae.

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