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A selection of work I’ve created over the years – some for clients and some for shits and giggles.

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In Design / Illustration

Urban Abseiler

In Design / Digital / Print / Social Media

African Children’s Stories

Sisu Botanicals logo
In Illustration

Sisu Botanicals

flat tyre logo
In Branding / Design / Illustration / Shits and giggles

Flatty McFlatty

women with top hat and logo
In Branding

Charlotte Sway

Steve Unipig lying down
In Branding / Design / Print / Shits and giggles

Steve Unipig

Celebrating Sexuality logo (two rainbow fingerprints formed in a heart) with white text on a black background.
In Branding / Design / Print / Social Media

Celebrating Sexuality

Single Scull rowing with UCLA logo over the top
In Branding

UCLA Mens Rowing

Decom 2018 event artwork
In Design / Digital / Print


Man standing on car overlooking fire
In Design / Digital / Print / Social Media

Kamp Kraken

Four people in O'Zirigduidum holding drum sticks and smiling.
In Branding / Design / Digital / Print / Project Management / Social Media

O’Ziriguidum Escola de Samba

In Design / Illustration / Shits and giggles

Fig’s Dating Life

In Illustration / Print / Shits and giggles

Swipe Left

In Design / Digital / Print

Ducere Global Business School

CrewLAB logo on photo of ocean
In Branding / Design / Digital / Illustration


In Branding / Design / Print

Workplace Giving

In Design / Illustration / Print

Steps for Independence

Printed CWI collateral (envelopes and letterhead) on a wooden table.
In Branding / Design / Print

Community Workforce Innovations

Men in lyrca on bikes
In Print


Polio Network Victoria logo on a black satchel.
In Branding / Design / Print

Polio Network Victoria

In Branding / Design / Digital / Illustration


field stationery floating on table
In Branding / Digital / Print


In Branding / Design / Digital / Illustration / Print

Independence Australia

helicobacter pylori cute drawing
In Branding / Design / Illustration / Shits and giggles

Helicobacter Pylori

Two people (Pixie and Popsie) illustration with text Pixie and Popsie
In Illustration / Shits and giggles

Pixie’s and Popsie’s Extravaganza

BrownTrout Publishers
In Design / Print / Social Media

BrownTrout Publishers

Australian Spinal Injury Alliance logo on grey background.
In Design / Print

Spinal Cord Injury Awareness Week

Self Contained Spaces logo on black background
In Branding / Design

Self Contained Spaces

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