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  • Print check at Tara Printing, South Korea.
  • Print check at Tara Printing, South Korea.
  • Print check at Tara Printing, South Korea.

Swipe Left

Published by BrownTrout Publishers, the Swipe Left 2022 calendar features eleven hilarious (and painfully awkward) dates – experienced by me.

Years ago there was a bit of chatter about publishing my Fig’s Dating Life comic, but nothing really eventuated. And the thought of it then even freaked me out. No-one knows who I am. And am I really that funny? Don’t answer that.

And then early 2021 the publisher reached out and asked to see the mock up of the Fig’s Dating Life calendar I did from years ago. After a few more edits it all went quiet. Until the publisher, rang me and said three simple words: “It’s going ahead”.

It’s crazy to think this side project went from low-key shits and giggles to lets share it with the world. In a calendar. For people to look at it for an entire 12 months!

I shared my ‘I got published’ journey on my Instagram – if you want to have a stalk.


Illustration, Print, Shits and giggles