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  • Steve Unipig lying down

Steve Unipig

Steve Unipig was born in the US, possibly at Walmart in Reno. A crazy bunch of Australians adopted him and introduced him to Burning Man 2012. He took to its particular brand of hedonistic spiritualism like a champ, and became a fully realised party being.  He then relocated to Australia and became the unofficial mascot for Australian Burner theme camp, Kamp Kraken. He attended as many Australian festivals and house parties as he could, and pretty much won them all.

But in 2014, Steve went missing. Vessels were downed, bars were closed, hearts were broken. People searched their bedrooms and sheds, but he couldn’t be found. In reality a couple of Kraken crew members stole him and took him to Canada. After years of failed attempts to post him back to me, Steve finally returned to Melbourne, squished inside another returning crew member’s backpack in late 2016.

With less than two months until Rainbow Serpent 2017 – that crew member and I decided to create an elaborate story detailing Steve’s adventures during his two ‘missing’ years. We frantically created the blog (back dating the posts) and designed postcards to send to all the crew from Steve before Rainbow began. The chatter around Facebook (and in real life) was hilarious. Steve then reappeared on board The Kraken Sub at Rainbow, much to everyone’s delight, relief and let’s be honest, arousal.


Branding, Design, Print, Shits and giggles