Kamp Kraken - elastic design
Freelance senior designer with over 15 years of creative experience to my name. Committed to strong design with a love of layouts, paper and colour to produce designs that communicate information clearly and effectively.
elastic design, bridget hoadley, graphic designer, northcote, melbourne, australia, logos, editorial and layout design,
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Kamp Kraken

Kamp Kraken is a collective of eccentrics, creatives, artists, misfits and lost souls who like to gather together to create beautiful spaces to socialise and relax in at music festivals. They host workshops, parties, open mic nights, silent discos, interactive performances and anything else that gets ones creative juices flowing. Offering my skills as a pro-bono designer I help manage all the design aspects for Kamp Kraken. I’ve also been known to lend a hand at creating some decor or become an un-official event photographer.


Online, Photography, Print, Social Media