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Flatty McFlatty

You know how some people have the worst luck when travelling, well let me introduce you to Flatty McFlatty. It was August 2017, and a group of Australians were in Reno preparing for Burning Man, most of our crew had driven off to the playa (event site) to start setting up camp. But a few of us were still in Reno getting last minute supplies, and that’s when I received a message from Flatty: “Got a flat tyre in the queue. How mechanically minded are you?” I literally replied with “None, but I have Google.” And so, I spent my last day in Reno shopping for a Dodge Ram Van tyre/rim.

Once I arrived onsite, I found Flatty and handed over the tyre. I thought that was it! However, for Flatty, it seemed that getting a flatty was soon to be a popular past-time. I lost count at the number of flat tyres he was getting on his bike. Hilarious! And from what my memory tells me, it didn’t just stop at Burning Man, but for the remainder of his road trip around the US. #classic

Apparently the bad luck is contagious. Or maybe because I couldn’t stop laughing at Flatty. And in January 2018, I found myself en-route into Rainbow Serpent Festival with a flat tyre. I too was heading in early to the site to help set up camp. Fortunately, I had a spare and know how to change a tyre. #thanksdad

Some people have photos to remember their travels, I thought it was only fitting that Flatty have his own patch to immortalise the experience. 


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