Celebrating Sexuality - elastic design
Freelance senior designer with over 15 years of creative experience to my name. Committed to strong design with a love of layouts, paper and colour to produce designs that communicate information clearly and effectively.
elastic design, bridget hoadley, graphic designer, northcote, melbourne, australia, logos, editorial and layout design,
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Celebrating Sexuality

Celebrating Sexuality festival is a unique weekend retreat with a festival atmosphere for the exploration of sex and relationships. Held yearly on the Mornington Peninsula in Australia – they provide a variety of high-quality, interactive and experiential workshops led by professional sex and relationship educators from around the world.

  • Logo + branding
  • Festival collateral (sponsorship proposals, social media imagery, posters, flyers, ads, program and map)
  • Event collateral (social media images)

Creative direction, Identity, Print, Social Media