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A bunch of discounts, cool offers and referrals to all the things I like. Not all related to design – but definitely awesome.
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Not all related to design – but definitely awesome.

Fontself is the easiest way to make your own fonts. It’s an extension for Illustrator and Photoshop that lets you turn any lettering into OpenType fonts in minutes! Seriously good! I started to use Fontself a few years ago when working on artwork for Figs Dating Life. I originally wrote every paragraph out, scanned it, and then realised I made an error! Whoopsie Daisy!

So I installed Fontself and made my handwriting into a font! Any errors can be wiped clean thanks to the Backspace button. Instantly. BOOM! 💥

If you’re keen to buy Fontself and get a sweet 10% discount, click on the button below. Easy peasy!


Image credit: Candy Font by @danielhosoya
Offer expires: 30 November 2019.

Any self-employed people out there want to upgrade their finances from spreadsheets to an app that does everything for you? Introducing Rounded: makes accounting and invoicing straightforward with the tools you need to get organised and get paid. Basically this app saved my brain and life! To celebrate the upcoming EOFY, the Rounded team have created a referral deal.

If you sign up to a paid subscription after the free trial, they’ll credit us with two months subscription.* Sweet! 🤩


*T&Cs apply. Offer was meant to expire: 19 July 2019. However, I just had a look (August) and it’s still active. Do eeeeet!

I recently did a strengths questionnaire and my top strength was Love of Learning with Honesty coming in at second. Makes sense. I love to learn, I’m always curious about the world and what’s around me. I’m one of those people that watches a movie and goes home to google the shit out of it.

Recently while I was bedridden (recovering from surgery) I upskilled myself through Skillshare. An online learning community with thousands of classes in design, business, tech, and more. Anyone can join the millions of members in our community to learn cutting-edge skills, network with peers and discover new opportunities. I’ve learnt how to pickle (yum!), various illustration techniques and online marketing etc. Soo good!

If you’re keen to try Skillshare and get two months premium free, click on the button below.


Image credit: Shannon McNab.
T&Cs apply.