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Below are some tools I use in my business and that you might also like to use.

Some perks are affiliate links which means I get a small freebie too – and some perks are just awesome.

I love to learn new things, I’m someone who is curious about the world and what’s around me. Which makes sense why I have a Skillshare account – an online learning community with classes in design, business and marketing, etc. Soo good!

If you’re keen to try Skillshare and get one month premium free, click on the button below.


T&Cs apply.

Design Calendar is an online design community which allows you to connect with other creatives remotely, who share your passion for ideas and desire to make an impact.

+ Connect with creatives who care about the same things you do
+ Access exclusive interviews with creatives from around the world
+ Attend community workshops, talks and wellness sessions
+ Join community initiatives that are making a difference in the world


T&Cs apply.

Vector illustration of files and folders with Dropbox logo

I store ALL my files in Dropbox – so that they’re accessible from anywhere and on any device. I use Dropbox to back up my files, to share large files with others and even request files from others to save directly to my account. You can even sync photos from your phone to automatically upload!

I already have a TON of space on Dropbox so don’t need anymore, but if you’re new to Dropbox and need an extra space (500mb) use my referral link below.


T&Cs apply.

Download four featured assets each week or become a member of Creative Market to unlock the entire monthly bundle of graphics, templates, fonts, and more worth up to $1000!


T&Cs apply.

I use Moo to print luxe Business Cards, postcards, stickers and more. You can choose things like triple-thick luxe paper, modern design templates and ultra-jazzy finishes like gold foil and spot gloss. Shop now and get 25% off your first order.


T&Cs apply.

Prior to ClassPass I used to pay close to $300 per month for a gym membership and personal training! Insane! I now pay $50 per month via ClassPass to book into a bunch of different studios and gyms – without being locked into a gym membership. I mostly use it for yoga to counteract my rowing training. Honestly, the best decision ever!

You can trial ClassPass for a month – then if you become a paying subscriber I get a small perk too.


T&Cs apply.

I’m a cold bitch. I’ll own it. To counteract my coldness – I wear heated apparel by Ororo. I’ve been wearing their products for years. It’s like wearing a electric blanket around town. OMG. Next fucken level. High tech clothing. If you also don’t like freezing your arse off when outside (heck even inside!) then here’s a 20% discount for you to own some too. Welcome to the future!