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Figs Dating Life is a personal project - I draw about the men that I’m meeting on Tinder. Keep tabs on how my love life is going (you can also follow me on Instagram or Facebook). #figsdatinglife
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Figs Dating Life

As a single woman I get the following statements a lot: “How’s your love life?” or “Got a new man yet?”  The thing is I quite enjoy being single – I love that I can sleep diagonally in my bed, I can hog my duvet and I can be my own person without having to tell the significant other where I’m going, do they want to join me or what time I’ll be back. Single life is divine.

However, after a friend told me “You just need to get yourself out there”, I decided that I would – I was curious as to what was ‘out there’. So, I signed up for online dating and Figs Dating Life was born.

Here are a few illustrations about the men that I’m meeting. All men are based in Melbourne and to help them remain anonymous I’ve given them a nickname.




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